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Bankruptcy: Signs of Trouble

Are your finances headed for danger?

Not all indebted individuals will inevitably face bankruptcy. In fact, many people have been successful in avoiding the process altogether when they are guided by a professional attorney. The sooner you involve a bankruptcy lawyer in the intricacies of your financial situation, the better chances you stand of avoiding the necessity to declare bankruptcy at all.

At Adams Law Group, the services we provide to persons currently facing bankruptcy are also extended to persons who may be headed for trouble. To put it simply, you don't have to be going through bankruptcy to justifiably contact our office for support. In fact, we encourage people to contact us before it gets to this point. When you come to us early on, we can thoroughly assess your finances and identify any early signs that may be pointing to trouble.

Potential Signs of a Problem

If you are facing any of the following struggles, do not wait to contact an attorney. Together, we can work to find a resolution to these issues that does not involve bankruptcy.

  • Your money runs out before your next payday.
  • You've fallen behind in your bill payments.
  • Your entire bill payment goes toward paying off interest.
  • You're receiving calls from collection companies about late payments.
  • You are a homeowner who is deeply in debt.
  • Your cost of living is increasing with the age of your family members.
  • Your work hours have been cut or you have been laid off.
  • Your unemployment check does not reflect what you would normally be paid.
  • You owe income taxes or sales tax on one or more cars.
  • Your bills are piling up because you can't pay them on time.
  • You're unable to make even the minimum payment on your credit card.
  • You have medical bills that have not been paid.
  • You don't have enough money to pay the judgment against you.

Get the legal help you deserve!

Struggling financially has become common among Americans across the country. In every state, many Americans are desperately trying to stay afloat in an economy that has made it less than easy to maintain financial stability. In these situations, it can be difficult to know which signs are worrisome and which are simply to be expected; however, it's not your responsibility to recognize these indicators on your own - that's our job.

At Adams Law Group, we have seen far too many situations of bankruptcy that could have been avoided if the right action was taken earlier. As experienced professionals in the field, we know how to quickly identify the warning signs that could be alerting you of future trouble. When you contact our firm today, we can work with you to put a stop to these signs before they turn into a full-blown financial fiasco. Contact us today to learn more.

Are You Drowning in Debt? Contact our bankruptcy law firm to help you.

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